Core User Guide: Enrich Your Graph

You can roll out your extension methods on top level or on inner trait level.

Enrich your graph

To enrich your graph with your own methods on top level is straightforward:

implicit class ExtGraph[N, E <: Edge[N]](val g: Graph[N, E]) {
	def foo: String = "bar"

Graph(1 ~ 2)foo // String: "bar"

Enrich inner types

One way to enrich inner types is to bank on type projection. To add your extension methods to NodeT you can do:

implicit class ExtInnerNode[N, E <: Edge[N]](node: Graph[N, E]#NodeT) {
  def outOverInDegree: Int = node.outDegree - node.inDegree

Graph(1 ~> 2).nodes foreach {
  case n if n.outer == 1 => n.outOverInDegree // Int:  1
  case n if n.outer == 2 => n.outOverInDegree // Int: -1
  case _                 => fail()